As a certified sleep consultant, there’s two things you’re clearly passionate about: sleep of course, and most of all, helping others get the much-needed sleep they need, too!

But there might be a liiiiittle problem: you’ve learned all there is to know about what goes into being a sleep consultant, but what about HOW to actually get clients and grow your business?!

Good news! You DON’T have to do it alone—and you don’t have to use gross, sleazy sales tactics to build a thriving business, either. And I’ll show you how it’s done!

You’ve already mastered the art of helping others with sleep… now it’s time to

business coaching for sleep consultants

master your business

the sleep sorority


Because who better to help you grow your business than an actual sleep consultant?

There are A LOT (and I mean a lottttt) of business coaches out there, but how many of them are specifically focused on coaching for sleep consultants? Not many… if any. I had to find this out the hard way when I was growing my own sleep consulting business!

Sleep consulting is a unique profession, and one that’s most easily learned under the guidance and support of someone who’s in that space themselves, like me!

Inside of The Sleep Sorority,
my private business-coaching membership for sleep consultants, I’ll teach you how to build your sleep biz, your way so you can help YOUR ideal client and their families live happier, healthier, and more well-rested lives.




Elevate your sleep biz with consulting best practices and tailored coaching to help tired families become well-rested!

monthly coaching membership

Monthly Coaching

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Showing your face on stories is the quickest way to build trust! Follow this challenge outlined in the guide for 5 days & watch your engagement soar.

show up and connect

5 Day Insta-Story Challenge

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Uncover your TRUE ideal client, so you can consistently get the right families coming to you and stop living client to client.

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Attracting your Ideal Client

Step 01

While there’s a time and place for mindset work, the only way you’re really going to grow your business is by getting the work DONE! I don’t bother with fluffy lessons, practices, or strategies… because what busy parent and business-owner has time for that?!

Wanna ease in before diving right into The Sleep Sorority?
Here’s the simple, 3-step process we recommend: 

We’re all about VALUE here—no ifs, ands, or fluffs!


I’m the owner of Little Z's® Sleep Consulting and the leader of an amazing team who help run it! After spending the first couple years of my business wasting wayyy too much money on business coaches and marketing tactics that didn’t ever help, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s why I created The Sleep Sorority!

In just 7 years I've been able to help tens of thousands of families and grow my sleep consulting business by a multiple-6 figures and hire team members. There’s nothing I’d love more than to coach you on how you can succeed as we elevate the profession together!

Founder & House Mom of The Sleep Sorority

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I'm Becca


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Whether you're a brand new coach or a seasoned one, I'd recommend the Sleep Sorority to any sleep consultant!

TSS Mentorship 2023 Curriciulum

  • March 14: Getting Clients & Structuring Your Packages (Becca)
  • March 28: Listening To Your Clients (Becca)
  • April 11: Starting Your Email List & Getting It Going (Lily)
  • April 25: Setting Up Your Systems (Kelsey)
  • April 28: Core Values (Dana at In-Person Retreat)
  • May 9: Building Your Content Library (Becca)
  • May 23: Setting Your Income Goals (Lily & Dana)
  • June 6: Setting Client Boundaries & Time Management (Kelsey & Lily)
  • June 20: Road To Growth (All Mentors)