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You might be feelin’ like an expert at the CONSULTING part, but what about the actual BUSINESS part?

Becoming a business-owner is a BIG deal, and something you should feel prepared to confidently navigate.

And who better to help you grow a successful sleep biz than an actual sleep consultant, with lots of other incredible consultants by your side, committed to elevating the profession together?!

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I think we can all agree that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the top 3 best things in life.
If you’re reading this, then you know that a solid 7, 8, maybe even 9 hours does the mind and body WONDERS. In fact, you’re SO passionate about helping kiddos get on a regular sleep schedule (which will let YOU get some high-quality zzzz’s yourself) that you decided to make a business out of it as a certified sleep consultant!

There are LOTS of great reasons to become a sleep consultant—it’s an amazing and tangible way to help people, allows you to be a working stay-at-home parent, and gives you autonomy to build and grow a business to support your family. I’d call that a win-win-win!


If your journey to becoming a sleep consultant was anything like mine, then it might have gone a little something like this...
During the certification process, you learned allllll the things about helping other families get much-needed, consistent rest. Once you wrapped up with the program and officially earned your certification, you felt super confident in your skills and ability to actually help people.

When it comes to helping families get more sleep, you’ve got that part down to a T. But when it comes to the running-your-own-business part, you’re completely LOST!

Maybe you were under the impression that the ins & outs of building a business would be covered in your training...
To be fair, it sooooorta was—but truthfully, all the tools and resources you were given (what they call a “business in a box”... what the heck does that even mean?!) is SEVERELY outdated. It’s totally laughable—you may as well take your business to MySpace with what they gave you. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Outside of generic templates, stock blogs, content, and marketing materials, you were given hardly any guidance on how to actually market yourself on your website or social media as a sleep consultant.

did your journey to become a sleep consultant go like this...

And now, you’re probably left wondering…

“How do I get more clients outside of people in my circle?”

“Do I even need a website? Can I get by with just Instagram?”

“Why is nobody signing up for my email list?”

“My social media growth is soooo slow… how do I get more people to find my content?”

“Should I hire a business coach? Buy a course?? Download a free e-book???”

I know the online business world can be super-duper confusing and overwhelming, especially because it seems to be filled with a bunch of conflicting advice, way too many options… and why does everyone need to make everything so complicated?!?!

I feel your pain, friend, ‘cuz I’ve been down this road myself...

Hi there! I’m Becca, Founder & House Mom of The Sleep Sorority
… and like you, I got my “business” delivered to me in a box (YIKES!)

When I became a Certified Sleep Consultant in 2015, I felt fully confident in helping families sleep better, but had zeroooo clue how to run a business. I started an Instagram and posted here and there, whatever sounded good and seemed “right,” but really had no direction. So, naturally, I turned to business coaches I found on through corporate leads, too, who sounded like they’d guide me in the right direction. 

What actually happened was that I got wrapped up in taking advice from people who knew nothing about sleep consulting. And what did that leave me with? Tens of thousands of dollars wasted on "mindset, productivity, and time management" that got me zero clients.

You see, I was feeding off the idea that I didn’t know what I was doing, when in all reality… I had a HUGE work ethic and needed to do the work, not work on my mindset.

I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only sleep consultant to experience this. Far too many sleep consultants walk out of their certification training with zero knowledge or experience on how to actually get a steady stream of clients and manage a business—which is umm, hello, a HUGE PROBLEM!

Truth is, no one knows how to grow a sleep consulting business like a sleep consultant. So, whether you’re newly certified or ready for a breakthrough, why not invest in business coaching you can actually use?!

Hold it right there, sister.
Slow down and breatheeee.

Unfortunately, that’s basically the opposite of what happened. 

That's why I created...

The Sleep Sorority

A sleaze-free, business-coaching membership for sleep consultants like you who want to grow your business YOUR way, so you can help more families get the sleep they need.


brittany s.

When I discovered The Sleep Sorority, I was immediately intrigued. I had just launched my business weeks before, and I was relying on my own past business experience to make decisions around the presentation and marketing of my services. This is a very encouraging, supportive, and informative group, and I would highly recommend it to any other sleep consultant!

One of the best investments I've made for my business!

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lexi r.

“The Sleep Sorority has been a game-changer for my business. The value I have received and continue to receive is gold! Imagine feeling a little lost, behind, and stuck... that’s where I was within my business. Since joining the Sorority I’m SO motivated to keep growing, learning, and improving. I’m constantly (literally day in and day out) utilizing Becca’s lessons and seeing direct results within my business. I love it! From the content to the comradely, I will forever be grateful for Becca and The Sleep Sorority!

Game Changer For Business

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makenzie m.

I have gained so much knowledge but most importantly confidence to go out and Get. It. Done. Within the two months I’ve been here I’ve created an email list, gained over 100 followers on my social media, and got branding photos done. Before, I was just scrolling social media praying somebody would see me. Now I post it and forget it and hold myself accountable to work on the things I know will help me succeed. Thanks Becca!

When you want to get it done & grow your business.

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It’s no secret that the sleep consulting profession is severely lacking an actual community & support system! TSS is here to change that.

No matter where you’re at in your consulting journey or your sleep philosophy, you'll find a group of women who understand this job.

sharing experiences

Consulting Community


No more spending hours sifting through Google or stock-image websites to find the *perfect* image for your website, emails, or social posts.

You’ll receive a monthly batch of professionally styled images for you to use however & wherever you’d like in your business & content.

tailored to sleep

Social Images


Through pre-recorded trainings we’ll dive deep into how to transform your sleep consulting business into a brand that attracts your ideal client.

These lessons are quick, bite-sized, tangible action items that you can easily implement into your business!

video modules

Monthly Coaching


The Sleep Sorority (TSS for short) is a one-of-a-kind membership for sleep consultants ONLY, where you won’t learn sleep strategies (because you already know those!) but rather, fluff-free strategies on how to build a thriving sleep consulting business that focuses on YOUR personality as the heart of your brand (aka, no generic stock copy & content!) with lots of room for growth.

As a TSS sister, you’re under the guidance of me (an actual sleep consultant!) and surrounded by supportive, like-minded women who are all passionate about helping families lead happier, healthier, and more well-rested lives.

TSS goes beyond what your average business coach can offer, because they don’t fully understand exactly what it is we do! You’ll have access to lessons, images, and bonus content exclusively tailored to all things sleep. This is content you can actually use to grow your business!


Your sleep biz, your way!

Here’s what you’ll find inside this exclusive membership...



Making changes in your business, or this ends up not being the right fit for you? You can cancel anytime and your business membership won't renew!

cancel antime!

•Monthly Coaching Videos
•15 Styled Stock Images Monthly
•Private Podcast by Becca

•Private Facebook group
•100 Social Media Captions
•Discovery Call Script

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best value!

•Monthly Coaching Videos
•15 Styled Stock Images Monthly
•Private Podcast
•Quarterly Zoom Coaching Meet-Ups

•Private Facebook group
•100 Social Media Captions
•Discovery Call Script

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Let’s get you on your way to building a THRIVING sleep business ASAP, shall we?!

Sign up today to be granted instant access to our trainings, resources, private community, and more!

Two ways you can join the TSS community today!

No need to "rush" this sorority - all are welcome!

You don’t have to be at a certain point in your business journey to become a TSS Sister.
If you’re a sleep consultant who’s committed to elevating the profession by… 
•Building a growing business on the foundation of trust & authenticity
•Attracting your ideal clients without free of sleazy sales tactics
•Increasing the number of families you can help get more sleep
… then TSS is the place for you!

per month

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Yepppp, it’s true! I'm giving you my proven script FOR FREE to land clients on your initial discovery call, without asking them for money or their credit card! This script is perfect if you want to show your future client how you genuinely care for them and are not just in it for a quick sale.

Becca's Discovery Call Script

free bonus #2

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Sure, you'll have IMAGES to post… but what do you say to create comments and connections?! I've got you covered, girl! You'll receive 100 social media captions you can pull from whenever you're feeling a bit of writer's block. Use them as is, or spice ‘em up with your own flair!

100 social media captions!

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No. 1

Yes! You’ll be able to download your stock photos each month, and those are yours to keep!

No. 2

As long as you're a member, you'll have access to the monthly coaching videos and all of the previous ones. Consider this your business-growth library!

No. 3

Because I’m SUPER committed to elevating the profession! To do this, we need MORE sleep consultants, not less. There are so many tired families out there that need help… let's change that together!

No. 4

This is the most direct and personable coaching option I offer. If you’re ready to make specific, focused, meaningful changes to your business to reach your goals, this is the most actionable way to take the necessary steps!
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No. 5

OF COURSE!!! In fact, I wish I had this available to me the day I got home from training. Avoid fast burnout and learn how to create a business that is sustainable, cohesive, and purposeful.

No. 6

It could be, but I won't beat around the bush! If you have a desire to learn about improving social media, gain motivation to learn new content mediums, and want to feel energized in your business… this is for you!

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